The Absolute Best Advice For New (Or Struggling) Real Estate Agents

ActiveRain, a platform specifically for real estate professionals,  has issued an October 2015 Challenge for experienced agents to offer their best advice to new real estate agents. As a 30 year veteran (happily retired) agent, here is my advice to new real estate or struggling agent You Must Understand: * Passing the licensing test is the easy part. * The test is merely a basic introduction to real estate. * The test does nothing to prepare you for the actual job. * Staying in business is the...

Problems Can Be Great For Your Real Estate Business

When I was an active agent, I prided myself on making buying and selling real estate an unstressful event for my clients. The majority of the time it worked. But sometimes things went wrong... very wrong. There's just nothing you can do to stop it. It's destiny. It's what happens next that matters. I was looking back on a blog post I made (on another platform) in 2007. It is as timeless now as then and so I want to share my old story with...

The Very Best Investment EVER… Guaranteed!

When you're cruising real estate and general investment sites, everyone has an opinion about what is the very best investment.  Not surprising, most of the time, it is directly related to whatever they are selling. Today, I'm going to reveal what is actually the best investment ever... and I won't try to sell you anything.  I promise. In my research, I ran across the following general statistics on average Return On Investments (ROI) over the last several years: S&P 500: 1.65% Dow Jones Industrial: 29.49%...

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16 Aug

What Is Your ONE Thing In Life?

I am curious.   Do you have ONE overriding goal that factors into every decision you make? It turns out, there is always ONE thing that, by doing it, makes all the other things either...

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01 Jul

Don’t Waste Your Time Building A Website…

In 2008, when I was an active real estate agent, I wrote the following blog post.  It is as true today as then, so wanted to pass it along.  Please heed the advice.  You won't...

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28 Jun

What Are Your Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tools?

Do you think the general population has any concept of how much it costs to be a real estate agent? I remember, and I was always looking for  cost efficient, effective marketing tools. Since this blog...

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28 Jun

How Would You Feel If You Instinctively Knew The Value Of Every Home In Your Market?

When I was an active agent in North Central Washington, I would make a point of going out on our weekly (new listings) tour.   I didn't consider these weekly tours optional.  They were the...

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28 Jun

Under The Influence… My Story

About a year ago, a website exclusively for the real estate industry (ActiveRain) sponsored a contest that I entered.  Since this is a new website, many of you may not know me.  Perhaps this article is a...

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27 Jun

Real Estate Niche: International Buyers Are a Huge Market!

Are you taking advantage of the huge international buyer pool?  View this graphic I found on the Inman website.  It is an extremely interesting visual on where the international property buyers are coming from, and...

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26 Jun

Get Serious… Or Get Lost

If you've read any of the previous posts on this blog about Real Estate Goal Setting, I hope you have taken some time to imagine what your life could be with challenging, yet realistic  goals....